RRR Conference

Reflect, Rebuild, & Rise: Social Practice of Inclusion Conference

The Bennington College community is invited to participate in the first annual conference focused on promoting Inclusion as a Social Practice norm at Bennington.  The conference is the culmination of creativity, advanced work, and collaboration on the part of student members of the Bennington College Community Builders (BCCB).  Both as individuals and as members of distinct and intersecting identity groups, we have experienced first-hand the challenges and frustration of exclusion and bias.  At times, we have witnessed expressed commitment to diversity and inclusion but rarely have these words yielded sustainable change. We firmly believe that creating a more diverse and inclusive community is important for the well-being of the student body and the success of the College as a whole. 

The Reflect, Rebuild, & Rise (3R) conference provides an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to learn about experiences with bias and exclusion on campus, as well as to generate ideas for advancing inclusivity. Our concurrent sessions and keynote address ask all participants to:

  1. REFLECT on the student experience and each person’s responsibility to acknowledge and understand bias and exclusion;
  2. REBUILD our community into a model of inclusion–in practice, in scholarship, in creativity, in its demographic composition, in the equitable support of all College members; and 
  3. RISE to the challenge of epitomizing Bennington’s original objective: to provide access to those who are otherwise excluded from higher education. We aspire to embody that value in contemporaneously relevant ways. 

The conference is organized by Deja’ Haley ’20, Santiago Torres ’21, and Ahmad Yassir ’20, who are currently interning for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, under the leadership of Delia Saenz, Vice President for Institutional Inclusion, Equity, and Leadership Development.

The student members of BCCB  believe Bennington can be a model of excellence and inclusion for both higher education and society.  Do you?  

BENNINGTON COLLEGE Community Builders:

Ahmad Yassir ‘20

Rojay Bryan ‘22

Marley-Rose Liburd ‘22

India Carter ’23

Claire Webb ’20

Deja’ Haley’20

Andreea Coscai ‘22

Alex Briseno ‘20

Santiago Torres ‘21

Hannah Gray ’21

Kaiya Kirk ‘20

Jullian Androkae ’23

Phoenix Stoddard ‘21

Suzie Rijali ’21

How do we begin to co-exist while celebrating our differences?

We are seeking to bridge together the blurred lines between students, faculty, and staff on how to more efficiently talk about what diversity and inclusion mean and look like on campus. 

What is your role in making Bennington a safer place?

We aim to improve our daily interactions with one another and to build a more inclusive campus through team building and learning how to more effectively understand one another.

A 5-week online workshop series taking place every WEDNESDAY!

Bennington College Diversity Conference Schedule